‪#‎Fela‬: Then I saw it one day in America on a tour, on this white tour bus. I said to the tour manager: “Hey Jack, look at that moon man . . . Science tells us that when the shadow of the earth is over the moon etc. Well, look at the half moon up there. What’s happening there?” He said: “Hey man, I’ll have to think about that.” So what is really true about these “speculative scientific proofs?” Cuz the moon is a speculative proof. They are the ones who say they have gone there. I’m saying that they didn’t go nowhere! Look, if you dominate the TV, the media, and the government wants to impress upon people that they have gone there, they can do it! Look. You’re watching a film right? Then it gets to a point in which you are following the plot intently right? Dig this shit man, this is the heaviest of all, then it gets to a point in the movie where the actor or the actress or the star is thinking about something, and because you have been following the plot, you will now be thinking the same thing as the actors in order to follow the next stage [laughs] of the film, but the time they were acting that film itself, at the time it was being shot, the actors were not “thinking,” they already knew what they were to do next. Do you understand what I’m saying?
Everybody in the room: It’s all been scripted!
Interview with Keziah Jones 1996




Chief Priest the people are yet to understand. Some pipo no like our preaching of the RA Gospel. Dem say Jesus Christ died for our sins(SCENES) We know Life na film made up of many scenes (SINS).
Okay think that one well well.
‘Fela believed that Jacqueline was the Egyptian Goddess Isis his eternal opponent as the Egyptian Sun God Ra. For the past 750 million years another Kalakuta lore. She has reincarnated and transformed many times that is why ‪#‎Fela‬ was surprised to find that she recognised him back in Glover Hall in the 60s. Fela said he reincarnated into this present life to regain his powers he lost 750 million years to Isis (Jacqueline). During seances with Jacqueline in his room. Fela discovered that to regain his powers he must discover his powers which were hidden in words like cathedRAl RAdio, cameRA, photogRAph, or in places IRAq IRAn or in names RAnsome, RAshid, RAji or KudiRAt’.
From the book ‘The Ikoyi Prison Narratives. The Spiritualism and Political Philosophy of Fela Kuti’ — in Ikeja, Lagos.Image

The Ikoyi Prison Narratives a review

The Ikoyi Prison Narratives: The Spiritualism and Political Philosophy of Fela Kuti by Majemite Jaboro

With the plethora of books available about Fela’s life you would think that just about every aspect of his eventful life has been covered. But there is one central aspect of his life that, until now, was only alluded to in thnarratives1e biographical works. It was shown in the documentary “Music is The Weapon” that Fela performed religious rituals in The Shrine and that he surrounded himself with African mediums that contacted the Spirit World. From the name of his backing band we know he had a preoccupation with ancient Egypt. If you weren’t a resident of the Kalakuta Republic it would be difficult to know how all these elements tied in with each other. 
Majemite Jaboro spent several days in a Nigerian prison cell with Fela Kuti and several of his band members. To pass time Fela recounted his life story, this narrative is the basis for this book. The book starts with a short bio of Fela up until the point that Jaboro became his Personal Assistant and later Shrine Priest. He goes into great detail describing Fela’s religious and political worldview and everyday life in the Kalakuta Republic. He sums up the esoteric books Fela was reading. He concludes with describing Fela’s final days suffering from Aids, and his funeral. 
If you’re new to Fela this is definitely not the book to start with. Fela’s autobiography and several of the other books on this page give a much more balanced view of Fela’s life. The two drawbacks of the book are that, first of all, it could have done with some editing. And secondly, you have to be a bit of a Felaologist to be able to follow the narrative and know the names of Fela’s numerous (ex-)wives, children and band members.


International Telephone and Telegraph got a billion dollar contract to provide rotary dial telephones in Nigerian government offices in the 1970s during the Muritala/ Obasanjo regime. Unbeknownst the CIA had listening bugs on the telephones.
ITT is now ATT American Telephone and Telegraph.
Dem go be friend friend to Head of State
Friend friend to Minister
Friend friend to Governor
Friend to Journalist
Afrikan man don tire to carry shit