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Is the oldest religious text. It is older than the Bible and the Koran.
The original Egyptian name for the text, transliterated rw nw prt m hrw is translated as “Book of Coming Forth by Day”. Another translation would be “Book of emerging forth into the Light”. The text consists of a number of magic spells intended to assist a dead person’s journeythrough the Duat, or underworld, and into the afterlife.The Book of the Dead developed from a tradition of funerary manuscripts dating back to the Egyptian Old Kingdom. The first funerary texts were the Pyramid Texts, first used in the Pyramid of King Unas of the 5th dynasty, around 2400 BCE. These texts were written on the walls of the burial chambers within pyramids, and were exclusively for the use of the Pharaoh (and, from the 6th dynasty, the Queen). The Pyramid Texts were written in an unusual hieroglyphic style; many of the hieroglyphs representing humans or animals were left incomplete or drawn mutilated, most likely to prevent them causing any harm to the dead pharaoh. The purpose of the Pyramid Texts was to help the dead King take his place amongst the gods, in particular to reunite him with his divine father Ra; at this period the afterlife was seen as being in the sky, rather than the underworld described in the Book of the Dead. Towards the end of the Old Kingdom, the Pyramid Texts ceased to be an exclusively royal privilege, and were adopted by regional governors, other high-ranking officials and common folk.


The Christians and the Muslims say so. Oklahoma City, 9/11, the economic crisis, Aurora, Sandy Hook, conspiracy theories, Bilderberg group, Iluminanti, rumours of war, Mali, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Maiduguri, Kano, Abuja, and Boston.

The universal idea of the world coming to an end is rooted in ancient Hindu belief in the cyclic alternation of universes brought about by Kali the Dark Mother the triple Goddess of Creation, Preservation, and destruction. She is commonly known squatting over her dead consort Shiva and devouring his entrails while her yoni (vagina) devours his lingam (penis). She is the hungry earth that devours and grows fat on corpses.

According to the Puranas ancient Sanskrit verses dealing with sacred histories and nature of the divine there are four ages. The last age is the age of Kali. When Kali arrives the Gods will slay one another and the Earth will be consumed by fire and flood. Kali will swallow everything and unmake it returning to her primordial state of formless chaos. Even Time is destroyed but Kali will eventually give birth to a new universe.

The Matsya Purana said signs of the approaching end time were to be found in breakdown in social structures, the increase in violence and crime and the decline of human intelligence.

The Vishnu Purana said the world in its last days reaches a stage where ‘property confers rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion the sole bond of husband and wife, falsehood the source of happiness in life, sex the only means of enjoyment and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion.”

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Here is a little SUNday school lesson.
The sun God Amen Ra was linked with the heavenly ram Aries who began the sacred year, dead and reborn as new. Ra was called the Ram, the virile male, the holy phallus and Ram of rams. The Ram caught in the thicket is a sexual metaphor and a common religious icon in Christianity and Islam. This was the ram substituted for Isaac whose father was about to sacrifice him on the altar of Yahweh. Some older version of the Abraham-Isaac story say Isaac was sacrificed at Yahweh command and Isaac rose on the third day. Rams are sacred in Israel obviously an Egyptian influence. The Jews sacrifice the paschal lamb as the first born son of the Ram God identified as Yahweh. At one time the biblical God wore Ram horns later assigned to the devil. Joshua’s priests used ram horns to make victory magic showing they were led by the divine ram in battle.
Pictured in the British Museum 
From Temple T at Kawa, Sudan
25th Dynasty, 690-664 BC
Taharqa was the last major king of the Nubian Twenty-fifth Dynasty (about 747-656 BC). On at least one occasion he fled from Egypt into Nubia to escape the approach of the Assyrian armies who, led by King Ashurbanipal (reigned 669-631 BC), sacked Thebes in 663 BC. This sphinx came from a temple at Kawa in Nubia which Taharqa had built.
The ram is one of the animals sacred to Amen Ra. This statue depicts Amen protecting King Taharqa, who stands between the front legs and below the animal’s head.Image


Joe uses the Bible to justify his bloodlust.
KAMPALA (Reuters) – Uganda has suspended the hunt for fugitive warlord Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army fighters, blaming hostility towards foreign troops by Central African Republic rebels who seized power last month.
About 100 U.S. special forces helping with intelligence and logistical support also called off operations temporarily, a U.S. embassy official said, but it was not immediately clear if troops from other countries in the regional force were also giving up the search.
Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. He and his commanders are accused of abducting thousands of children to use as fighters in a rebel army that earned a reputation for chopping off limbs as a form of discipline.
Uganda provides more than 3,000 troops of a 5,000-strong African Union force hunting Kony and his fighters, thought to be hiding in jungles straddling the borders of Central African Republic, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.Image


A “gate to hell” has emerged from ruins in southwestern Turkey, Italian archaeologists have announced.
Known as Pluto’s Gate — Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin — the cave was celebrated as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology and tradition.
“This space is full of a vapor so misty and dense that one can scarcely see the ground. Any animal that passes inside meets instant death,” the Greek geographer Strabo (64/63 BC — about 24 AD) wrote.
Only the eunuchs of Cybele, an ancient fertility goddess, were able to enter the hell gate without any apparent damage.
Fully functional until the 4th century AD, and occasionally visited during the following two centuries, the site represented “an important pilgrimage destination for the last pagan intellectuals of the Late Antiquity.

During the 6th century AD, the Plutonium was obliterated by the Christians.





Happy Easter
To Afrika and To the World 
Osiris has risen 
He rose before Jesus Christ
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”Hymn of Praise to Osiris Un-Nefer, the great god who dwelleth in Abtu, the king of eternity, the lord of everlastingness, who traverseth millions of years in his existence. Thou art the eldest son of the womb of Nut. Thou was begotten by Keb, the Erpat. Thou art the lord of the Urrt Crown. Thou art he whose White Crown is lofty. Thou art the King (Ati) of gods [and] men. Thou hast gained possession of the sceptre of rule, and the whip, and the rank and dignity of thy divine fathers. Thy heart is expanded with joy, O thou who art in the kingdom of the dead. Thy son Horus is firmly placed on thy throne. Thou hast ascended thy throne as the Lord of Tetu, and as the Heq who dwelleth in Abydos. Thou makest the Two Lands to flourish through Truth-speaking, in the presence of him who is the Lord to the Uttermost Limit. Thou drawest on that which hath not yet come into being in thy name of “Ta-her-sta-nef.” Thou governest the Two Lands by Maat in thy name of “Seker.” Thy power is wide-spread, thou art he of whom the fear is great in thy name of “Usar” (or “Asar”). Thy existence endureth for an infinite number of double henti periods in thy name of “Un-Nefer.” The Egyptian Book of Coming Forth By Day.Image