The deadliest shooting in US history happened on the Las Vegas Strip on 1 October 2017 when a gunman located on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel opened fire into the crowd of a Jason Aldean concert across the street, killing at least 59 people and injuring over 500. We talk about these events being ritual sacrifices to Saturn, the god of agriculture, and here’s a slaughter at a country music festival named Harvest. The shooter’s surname is Paddock, the word for a livestock enclosure, which is what the crowd was symbolically reduced to as the dance floor became an abattoir. Paddock was a retired accountant who became a multi-millionaire through real estate investments, reminding us of a certain game show host president.

Stephen Paddock, the patsy from the Las Vegas Strip hoax, was an accountant with more of an affinity for numbers than people. In the film The Accountant, Ben Affleck plays a mathematics savant with more of an affinity for numbers than people: using a small-town CPA office as a cover, Christian Wolff (aka The Accountant) makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organizations. And they’re both apparently crack shots, like the victim who according to his buddy Mike Cronk got hit three times in the chest with an automatic rifle and cried out, “I’m hit!” but is totally fine.

The Accountant released 11 months 17 days before this event in Las Vegas Nevada =117 on the date of 10/1/17 which is 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks, which also involved a dance floor torn up by firecrackers. Sin City =117.

It happened at the fourth-annual Route 91 Harvest country music festival, so we’d expect the number 91 to play a role. Indeed it happened with 91 days remaining in the year. Lone Wolf =1091. The shooter was Stephen Paddock =191 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Mass Shooting =191. It happened 191 days after the last shooting on the Vegas Strip killed one injured one and 191 days before Paddock’s birthday. Jason Aldean =190. October First =190. Music =91. Deception =91. PsyOp =91. Masonic Ritual Murders =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. CIA =91. Playboy =191. Hugh Marston Hefner =191. Hugh =19 Hefner was 91 when he died and shares a birthday with Stephen Paddock =191.
Hugh Hefner & Stephen Paddock were born on April 9th, exactly 27 years apart. What I find notable here is Hefner born in ’26 and Paddock in ’53, as Queen Elizabeth was born in ’26 and was coronated in ’53. Paddock =27. Mandalay Bay =27. The Jesuits =1207/ 270 were founded on the 27th day of September, their logo IHS =27. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =207. Luxor =27/270. It happened 27 weeks before Paddock’s birthday.

Stephen Craig Paddock =109 is from the town of Mesquite =109. Psychological Warfare =109. Saturn =119. Harvest =119. Agriculture =119. It happened on numerology of (1+1+17)=19 in Paradise Nevada =119 exactly 19 weeks after the Manchester Attack and 1 year 10 months 19 days after the Paris Attacks (also with a staged shooting on the dancefloor); the cops recovered 19 firearms in Paddock’s home. Aldean has 19 number 1 hits (sure to be his 20th written about the incident). Freemason =191. House of Windsor =191. The British Crown =191. Elizabeth II =191 and she’s 91. Queen =19/91. Society of Jesus =191. Aka the Jesuit Order.
191 is the 43rd prime number and Mandalay Bay has 43 stories, perfectly designed to its gematria. Las Vegas Nevada =43. Las Vegas Strip =43. The Luxor =403. Elizabeth =403/43. Massacre =43. Aldean earns $43 million per year. The Grim Reaper =143. October First =143. October First Two Thousand Seventeen =143. The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =143. It happened 33,400 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth and 3044 days after the Crash of Flight 447. Stephen Craig Paddock =334. The sheriff Joe Lombardo =43 assumed office exactly 143 weeks before the shooting.

The Jesuits celebrated their 477th birthday on 9/28. Ritual Sacrifice =477. This new deadliest US shooting happened 4470 days after the 7/7 London Bombing and 477 days after the last deadliest US shooting, at the Pulse Club in Orlando – Paddock’s home town. On October 4th, Jason Aldean will be 40 years 7 months 7 days old. It happened across from the Luxor, the pyramid-shaped hotel with 4,047 rooms during Queen Elizabeth’s 4771st week of being alive. The 447 reminds me of Air France Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic between Rio & Paris.

Las Vegas Nevada =47/1470. Mandalay Bay Hotel =147. Route Ninety-One =74. Las Vegas Strip =74. Stephen Craig Paddock =74. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =714. Paradise Nevada =741/47. Saturn =741. Grim Reaper =407. Joe Lombardo =47. October First Twenty Seventeen =470/147. October =74. October First =174. The shooting happened 7 months 4 days after Aldean’s birthday and his latest album is titled They Don’t Know =174. Paddock was born 7 weeks 4 days before the coronation of Elizabeth II =74. Queen Elizabeth =174. Queen Elizabeth II =174. The shooting happened 174 days after the birthday of Stephen Craig Paddock =1074.
The 47th prime is 211. Las Vegas Nevada =211. Las Vegas Strip Shooting =211. Mass Shooting =211. Music Festival =211. Jason Aldine Williams =211. Route Ninety-One Harvest =112. Abattoir =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120 and she was married on 11/20. The 1120th prime number is 9011.
This staged event at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =162 happened 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. Jason Aldean They Don’t Know =1620. Grim Reaper =162. Joe Lombardo =162. Paddock =162. Stephen Paddock =62. Route Ninety-One =62. October First =62. The Jesuits =62. Queen =62 who was coronated on 6/2.

It was the deadliest shooting since the Pulse Massacre in Orlando on 6/12/16, which was exactly 68 weeks earlier. Route Ninety-One =1068. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department =1680. The Jesuits =168. Las Vegas Strip =168. They Don’t Know =168. Paddock =68. It happened 6 months 8 days after the last Vegas Strip shooting and 6 months 8 days before Paddock’s birthday.
We’ve been showing how important 117 is, especially with the Barcelona Attack that happened in the 1,107th minute a span of 117 hours after the Charlottesville Attack, 11,107 days after the last Barcelona terror attack, and exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing. And now this one in Las Vegas Nevada =117 on 1/10/17, which is 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks, if we exclude end date. Paddock =107. IHS =107. Mandalay Bay’s second tower has 1117 suites. Coronation =117. Royal Family =1017. Monarch =117. England =117. Invictus =117. Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =117 which was an occult secret society that predated OTO and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Written by Brother Berg screen-shot-2017-10-03-at-10-10-34-am.png9735a9c2543c8fd68867c1609cce4f8b.jpg9010602-3x2-700x4671.jpg




For starters, the image plastered all over mainstream media after Kim Jong Un allegedly lobbed a missile over Hokkaido (top left) contains a blatant 29-6 reference. But what does it mean? Well for starters, Nagasaki + Hiroshima =296. All we need right there, but we find a few more gems: Nagasaki Council of A-Bomb Sufferers =296. State =296. Imagination =296. Cuban Missile Crisis =1692. Good enough right there, but our old friend Pi blasts on through.

North Korea flexed nuts over northern Japan on 28 August 2017, a span of 20,027 days after the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis & 72 years 22 days after the bombing of Hiroshima. So boom: right there you know these incidents were totally orchestrated by patient programmers. End of argument already. But as always it expands.
Ten days earlier was the discovery of the USS Indianapolis, which had transported nuclear bomb parts for the Hiroshima incident and sunk 72 years 20 days before she was found – by the owner of Microsoft (& the Seattle Seahawks). The North Korean missile launch happened 72 years 20 days after the bombing of Nagasaki and 7 months 22 days after Kim Jong Un’s 33rd birthday. Atom Bombs: as American as Apple Pie
A Nuclear Weapon =227. Manhattan Project =227. 22/7=3.14. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. Weapons of Mass Destruction =314. North Koreans =314. North Korean Missile Crisis =314. And the North Koreans allegedly shot a missile over Hokkaido Japan =314 a period of 31 years 4 months after the Chernobyl Disaster.Then how’s this “coincidence” – two days later, on 30 August, a prominent anti-nuclear weapons activist named Sumiteru Taniguchi passed away at the age of 88. Nice timing, no? Taniguchi was a survivor of the Nagasaki Bombing and chairman of the Nagasaki Council of A-Bomb Sufferers =113/311. This number rings a bell as a NY Times article from 5/23/10 titled “An Arsenal We Can All Live With” states that the optimal number of warheads worldwide should be 311.

My how specific. Mutually Assured Destruction =311. Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki =311. The New World Order =311. USA =311. The Beast =311. The Korean War lasted 3 years 1 month 1 day and the missile launch came 1 month 13 days after the 72nd anniversary of the Trinity Test – the first ever nuclear explosion – apparently. Nagasaki =113. Japanese =113. Uranium =113. The Chernobyl Disaster =113. And think about the Fukushima Nuclear leak that happened on 3/11/11, a span of 10 months 13 days after the 24th anniversary of Chernobyl. If you follow the blog you know this number is core as core gets.

311 is the 64th prime number & the NK Missile Launch happened exactly 64 years 1 month after the Korean =64 War ended. N Korea =64. Nuclear Weapons =64. Nuclear Terrorism =64. A-Bomb Sufferers =640. Manhattan Project =164. Atomic Bombs =164. Little Boy + Fat Man =164. Sumiteru =406. And this scarred spokesperson Taniguchi just happened to be a perfect 6040 days old when Nagasaki was bombed.
The missile scare came exactly 769 months after the end of the Korean War & 769 is the 136th prime. From the start of World War I to the end of World War II was 11,360 days. State Sponsored Terrorism =136. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =136. Warhead =36 Missiles =36. Fukushima =36. Cuba =306. Taniguchi was 6036 days old for the Nagasaki Bombing. Nuclear Weapons =163. This NK missile launched 306 days before 29/6, another possible date clue with that opening image.
The missile launched 20,040 days after the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis (10/16/62). Quite the clean count. Fukushima Daiichi =204. Nuclear Power =1204/42. N Korea =24. Korean =24. Warhead =24. Castro =24. Manhattan =24. Nuclear War =124. Hiroshima =124. Pyongyang =124/42. Kim Jong Un =42. Japan =42. Hokkaido =142. Little Boy =142. Guam =42. War =42. Korean War =42. World War =42. World War III =42. Arsenal =420. Nuclear Hoax =42. Atomic Bombings =142.

Atomic Bombing =333. Trump was born 333 days after the Trinity Test and 313 days (44 weeks 4 days) after the first nuclear bomb was detonated over Hiroshima. Trinity Test =1033 happened on the 33rd parallel 3 weeks 3 days before Nagasaki =33. Atomic Bombs =133. Nuclear Power =133. Psychological Operations =133. Nuclear War =33. Missiles =33. Warhead =33. Chernobyl =33. Kim =33. Hata =33. The 51st prime minister of Japan (1994), Tsutomu Hata =33 died the same day as the N Korea missile launch. Another roughly associated character biting the proverbial dust in the wake of this latest fear-mongering attempt.

Chernobyl Accident =1223. Nuclear Terrorism =223. Cuban Missile Crisis =322. Shinzo Abe (the current PM of Japan) was born 3022 days after the birth of Trump. Military Industrial Complex =322. Theatre =322. Disorder =322.
Warhead =999. Missiles =666. Hokkaido Japan =696. The Trinity Test =996. Chernobyl Accident =966. Taniguchi was born 906 weeks 6 days before Trump.
I think it’s important here to point out the conspiracy theory that nuclear bombs are a hoax – total fear propaganda. I don’t know enough about chemistry to say one way or another about the technical details but some scientists say it’s impossible to create an atom bomb due to the ‘fact’ that fission cannot create explosions. We need to do more research here but the proponents of this theory say Hiroshima & Nagasaki were carpet-bombed with napalm – and that the photographic evidence well supports this claim.

Apparently the entire atom bomb narrative created by the Pentagon was delivered to the public via a single writer from the New York Times on the Pentagon payroll, and for years in both Japan and the US it was a crime punishable by death to speak or write about the bombings. Red Flag. Another point is that while a big area of Chernobyl still remains inaccessible due to deadly radiation, Hiroshima & Nagasaki were habitable almost immediately after the blasts – when war propaganda at the time said the areas would be uninhabitable for hundreds if not thousands of years. The mainstream explanation for this anomaly is that the nukes were detonated mid-air and thus the radiation dissipated – somewhere, apparently throughout the entire atmosphere. But based on what we know about how the Programmers thrive on the world believing in their lies, it’s definitely well within their bag of tricks to pull off another massive stunt like this. Which means don’t worry about World War III. Based on my knowledge, it’s much more effective to keep people in this perpetual state of “that which could be” then in actually pulling the trigger on another global conflict. I’d reckon that WWIII as per the elite’s playbook actually began with 9/11, and as the controlled opposition stooge Alex Jones says, it is indeed a war on for your mind. Which is the end result of terrorism – ultimately psychological warfare on the civilian population.

Written by Brother Berg


The Illuminanti and Charlottesville Another #Falseflag

Unite the Right and Black Lives Matter are funded and managed by the Deep State.

Now, the image of the Dodge Challenger vividly plowing through the crowd (with at least four loose shoe symbols of Freemasonry) is framed beside a Toyota Tundra with a SHRINERS bumper sticker that reads, “No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child” =1013. The Unite the Right Rally =113. Nazi Germany =1113. The letters on the GVF-1111 Dodge Challenger license plate driven by James Fields =113 (born on the 1st of Nisan =113 on the Hebrew Calendar) match the letters on the GVF-1122 license plate (pictured below) at the perp’s mother’s house: GVF =113. What are the chances.

Her surname is Bloom =113. Donald J Trump Make America Great Again =311. A Dodge Challenger =311. James A Fields =311. The New World Order =311. Protest =113. Uprising =113. Neo-Nazis =113. Controlled Opposition =113. Operation =113. Fiction =113. Bullshit =113. Fake Reality =113. Elitism =113. Politics =113. The Challenger =113 Space Shuttle exploded 1 minute 13 seconds after launch and in 1941 Big Ben stopped at 10:13 after a worker dropped a wrench into the gears and didn’t start again until 10:13 came around again. Widow’s Son =113 is the name of the Masonic Lodge in Charlottesville, after the nickname of Hiram Abiff.

As we mentioned last time, Challenger school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe =103 (sharing the same rare surname as the Virginia Governor) was 13 years old for the Apollo 13 disaster which launched at 13:13 CST. Bava Kamma 113 from the Talmud permits Israelites to “circumvent” Gentiles and their “heathen laws” by “subterfuge” (which means deceit), like Pixar coding A113 into all its films and this number being tagged into every single false flag event we’ve covered on this blog.
James Fields =103. Shriner =103. Virginian =103. Neo-Confederate =130. Swastika =103. Elite World Government =103. Government Conspiracy =103. Presidential Assassination =103. And isn’t it funny how these Trump supporters are apparently anti-semitic yet Trump has been called the first Jewish president? Cognitive Distortion =103.


Now who are the Shriners? The Shriners are an appendant body to Freemasonry, known officially as Shriners International =314 and their original title was Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine =227. Mystic Shrine =1314, Pi-Coded as all these secret societies are. Excluding start & end points, this crowd ramming happened 722 days after James Fields joined the military. COINTEL =227. White =722. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana =1722/1314. Sharon Christa Corrigan =227.

James Fields was born on April 26th which is 1/19 (19 Nisan) on the Hebrew Calendar. Subterfuge =119. Star of David =119. Zionist Government =119. Occupied Government =119. Fascism =119. Silver Dodge Challenger =119. Unite the Right Rally =119 in Charlottesville happened exactly 119 weeks after the birth of Princess Charlotte and the Vehicle Attack =119 killed 1 injured 19. Virginia State Police =119. Police =119. Fraternal Order of Police =119, which is the Masonic link to police departments throughout at least all of North America. Donald =119 was elected on 11/9 which was the 27th anniversary of the Berlin Wall (aka the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart) being torn down. The Berlin Wall was a convenient 111.9 km long and ended 9 years 11 months 11 days after the release of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Employing this calendar conversion appears to have some genuine merit, as according to the Hebrew Calendar, Donald Trump was born on 15/9 (Sivan 15) and James Fields =59 was born exactly 1059 weeks before The Unite the Right Rally =1590. Robert E Lee Sculpture =1590. Anti-Fascist =159. The Mystic Shrine =159. Helicopter =159. The Cassini probe will crash into Saturn on 15/9. White Nationalists =59. White Supremacy =59. COINTEL =59. Mr Mercedes =59. General Robert E Lee =159. David Earnest Duke =159. Police Brutality =1059. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =159. Government =159. Zionist Occupied Government =159. Evil Racism =159, as Trump decried.
Evil Racism =666. Antifa =666. Christa =666. Abiff =666. Helicopter =666. Shriners Children’s Hospitals =999. Hitler was born 6696 weeks before the upcoming Solar Eclipse and the Reichstag False Flag happened 6 years 6 months 6 days before the outbreak of World War II.And it bears repeating the 88 connections, what with 88 being the Neo-Nazi gematria acronym for Heil Hitler (H=8 H=8). Alt-Right =188. Alt Right Rally =188. Vanguard =88. White Supremacist =88. White Supremacy Groups =88. Aryan Brotherhood =88. Race Wars =88. Far Right Rally =88. Domestic Terrorism =88. White Terrorism =88. Right Wing =880. Trump =88. Race Rally =188/88/888.
Again, the victim was HH =88. Heather Heyer =1188. Heather Danielle Heyer =188/888. Heyer =808. The most ridiculously 88-coded character we’ve seen. James Alex Fields Junior =88 and the Unite the Right organizer was Jason Kessler =888. Kessler =88. Widows Son Masonic Lodge =88.
And it’s funny how we got the story of the stunt driver dying on the set of Deadpool two days after the Charlottesville event, a staged psy-op that would have employed stunt drivers and stunt personnel as crisis actors. We see it in Hollywood every day but the difference there is we know we’re watching fiction.
And as per the organizer’s name of Kessler, there’s something called the Kessler Syndrome proposed by NASA scientist Donald Kessler: a scenario in which the density of objects in low earth orbit is high enough that collisions between objects could cause a cascade where each collision generates space debris that increases the likelihood of further collisions. In other words, a clusterfuck. Which is perfectly symbolized by a car crashing into a disorganized mob of people as an event that leads to yet further events.

And one last piece about the Shriners. In the post-tragedy press conference, Trump shakes the hand of a fez-wearing Shriner with a big grin on his face! The Shriners =137 remind me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade =137 which was all about Masonic allegory. Now get this: that movie released 10,307 days before this Far Right Rally =137. Government =137. The Templars =137. Indiana =137. Helicopter =137. Authority =137. Zionist Occupation Government =137. Government By Intimidation =1137. United States President =1137. Assassination of Trump =1137. And of course 137 is the 33rd prime number. Ri-dic-ulous. I don’t think any of this will end well for Trump.
As for that identical GVF licence plate: G=7 V=4 F=6. Charlottesville Rally =1746. Charlottesville Virginia =1746. Believe =746. Robert E Lee Sculpture =476. So let’s keep our eyes peeled for this sequence. The Impeccable Pig =467, which is the perfectly named store we see in the background as the Challenger rips away in reverse.

And we have to add one more image here, as the vehicle ramming took place literally next door to the aforementioned Widow’s Son Masonic Lodge in Charlottesville, one of the oldest in Virginia at 218 years, matching the Shriners bumper sticker: “No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child” =2018. Secret Society =218. The Government =218. TRUMP =218. The Unite the Right Rally =1812. Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =1812. Far Right Rally =812.

Some fuckery is most assuredly afoot. Source #Extracapsa