The Zimmerman Acquittal

‪#‎OJSimpson‬ and ‪#‎Zimmerman‬
Parallel worlds one Black and one White Hispanic.
‪#‎CNN‬ PRODUCER NOTE DesireG told me, ‘The Prosecution has done a decent job of showing Zimmerman’s account to be questionable but they have not done the job “proving” that he intended to kill Trayvon before they fought, which leaves room for reasonable doubt. I have to think about the Zimmerman case in legal terms because if I don’t it would hurt too much. As a teen I remember the irrational support many Black people gave OJ Simpson just because they didn’t want to see a “influential” Black man behind bars. I remember thinking, why are we supporting a man who may have murdered his wife? Over time I’ve come to realize that people weren’t so much supporting Simpson as much as they were supporting an “idea.” The idea of a Black man finally getting over in a system that was designed to work against him.’
– hhanks, CNN iReport producer
In the cartoon substitute Casey Anthony for George ZimmermanImage

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