‪#‎Fela‬: Then I saw it one day in America on a tour, on this white tour bus. I said to the tour manager: “Hey Jack, look at that moon man . . . Science tells us that when the shadow of the earth is over the moon etc. Well, look at the half moon up there. What’s happening there?” He said: “Hey man, I’ll have to think about that.” So what is really true about these “speculative scientific proofs?” Cuz the moon is a speculative proof. They are the ones who say they have gone there. I’m saying that they didn’t go nowhere! Look, if you dominate the TV, the media, and the government wants to impress upon people that they have gone there, they can do it! Look. You’re watching a film right? Then it gets to a point in which you are following the plot intently right? Dig this shit man, this is the heaviest of all, then it gets to a point in the movie where the actor or the actress or the star is thinking about something, and because you have been following the plot, you will now be thinking the same thing as the actors in order to follow the next stage [laughs] of the film, but the time they were acting that film itself, at the time it was being shot, the actors were not “thinking,” they already knew what they were to do next. Do you understand what I’m saying?
Everybody in the room: It’s all been scripted!
Interview with Keziah Jones 1996



Conspiracy Re: Trayvon Martin

Did you know that Trayvon Martin’s father is a BOULE SOCIETY Freemason?

A BOULE? Nuh uh!!!
Well played Illuminati, well played indeed.

‪#‎conspiracytheory‬ video accuses Trayvon Martin’s father of sacrificing his first son for spiritual power. There are 
‪#‎JusticeforTrayvonMartin‬ rallies across the 50 states right now and you got key members of the Illuminanti like Jay Z and Beyonce attending.


Chief Priest the people are yet to understand. Some pipo no like our preaching of the RA Gospel. Dem say Jesus Christ died for our sins(SCENES) We know Life na film made up of many scenes (SINS).
Okay think that one well well.
‘Fela believed that Jacqueline was the Egyptian Goddess Isis his eternal opponent as the Egyptian Sun God Ra. For the past 750 million years another Kalakuta lore. She has reincarnated and transformed many times that is why ‪#‎Fela‬ was surprised to find that she recognised him back in Glover Hall in the 60s. Fela said he reincarnated into this present life to regain his powers he lost 750 million years to Isis (Jacqueline). During seances with Jacqueline in his room. Fela discovered that to regain his powers he must discover his powers which were hidden in words like cathedRAl RAdio, cameRA, photogRAph, or in places IRAq IRAn or in names RAnsome, RAshid, RAji or KudiRAt’.
From the book ‘The Ikoyi Prison Narratives. The Spiritualism and Political Philosophy of Fela Kuti’ — in Ikeja, Lagos.Image

The Zimmerman Acquittal

‪#‎OJSimpson‬ and ‪#‎Zimmerman‬
Parallel worlds one Black and one White Hispanic.
‪#‎CNN‬ PRODUCER NOTE DesireG told me, ‘The Prosecution has done a decent job of showing Zimmerman’s account to be questionable but they have not done the job “proving” that he intended to kill Trayvon before they fought, which leaves room for reasonable doubt. I have to think about the Zimmerman case in legal terms because if I don’t it would hurt too much. As a teen I remember the irrational support many Black people gave OJ Simpson just because they didn’t want to see a “influential” Black man behind bars. I remember thinking, why are we supporting a man who may have murdered his wife? Over time I’ve come to realize that people weren’t so much supporting Simpson as much as they were supporting an “idea.” The idea of a Black man finally getting over in a system that was designed to work against him.’
– hhanks, CNN iReport producer
In the cartoon substitute Casey Anthony for George ZimmermanImage


#Non-appearance #Corruption #Forgery #WAEC #NECO #JeffEduwa

Still parading himself as staff of Tenderland College after his dismissal. This man used his position as the Mathematics and Physics tutor to collect $250 from prospective WAEC and NECO candidates so that the prospective exam candidates could 1. Hire a graduate to write their exams 2. Allow cheating in the exam hall in collusion with exam officials. He was fired in order to stop the spread of the cancer. He is using the ill-gotten bribes to finance his post graduate studies at the University of Lagos.

Lets hope IRIKEFE JEFFREY EDUWA does not use #corruption, #forgery and #exam malpractice to gain his MSc in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the University of Lagos.