Here is a little SUNday school lesson.
The sun God Amen Ra was linked with the heavenly ram Aries who began the sacred year, dead and reborn as new. Ra was called the Ram, the virile male, the holy phallus and Ram of rams. The Ram caught in the thicket is a sexual metaphor and a common religious icon in Christianity and Islam. This was the ram substituted for Isaac whose father was about to sacrifice him on the altar of Yahweh. Some older version of the Abraham-Isaac story say Isaac was sacrificed at Yahweh command and Isaac rose on the third day. Rams are sacred in Israel obviously an Egyptian influence. The Jews sacrifice the paschal lamb as the first born son of the Ram God identified as Yahweh. At one time the biblical God wore Ram horns later assigned to the devil. Joshua’s priests used ram horns to make victory magic showing they were led by the divine ram in battle.
Pictured in the British Museum 
From Temple T at Kawa, Sudan
25th Dynasty, 690-664 BC
Taharqa was the last major king of the Nubian Twenty-fifth Dynasty (about 747-656 BC). On at least one occasion he fled from Egypt into Nubia to escape the approach of the Assyrian armies who, led by King Ashurbanipal (reigned 669-631 BC), sacked Thebes in 663 BC. This sphinx came from a temple at Kawa in Nubia which Taharqa had built.
The ram is one of the animals sacred to Amen Ra. This statue depicts Amen protecting King Taharqa, who stands between the front legs and below the animal’s head.Image


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