Who will sponsor the REVOLUTION?
MEND has sponsors.
Boko Haram has sponsors.
OPC has sponsors.
MASSOB has sponsors.
Who will sponsor the Nigerian Youths to fight for change?
“Nigerian Youths wake up, We have no other country except Nigeria, We have been suffering in silence while our Leaders put our future in their bank accounts. How can we remain like this? How can a youth go to school and suffered to graduate at the end no job. You are almost 40 and still your future is as bleak as a dark room. Did your parents send you to school to sit at home because our Government have failed us. Let us come out one day and say No. We must not remain like this, we cannot all travel abroad to find a better life, our better life is here in our country. We have the money, oil and resources but only a selected few have continue to suck it dry why we keep believing God for a change, wake up now I challenge you. We need 500,000 youths in each of the 36 states to challenge the Government. We say NO, we will destroy this country and rebuild it afresh, we will Kill those who stand on our way as they are considered the enemy. A man cannot have billions of naira while millions of youths roam the streets every day looking for daily bread. Our young men must not all be kidnappers, our young girls must not all be prostitutes. Get Ready I tell you. The time has come for us to react, the only way our Government listens is violence, they have shown it to the Niger delta militants and now they are planning to show it to the boko haram..whereas a simple gesture of N20,000 per month to the unemployed is rejected and you pay militants N75,000 per month. How much do they pay as minimum wage? How much do they pay to elected officers, we are going to revolt. Nigeria will burn to be rebuilt again like Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Turnisia…please spread this message unless you want to die in poverty in a country where God has destined all of us to be happy and prosperous…!!!”


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