South Africa withdraws its troops from CAR

MASS-‘We tell Jacob Zuma that the peace of South Africa is meaningless unless it is linked with peace in Africa. War in Senegal is war in Nigeria. Pan Africanism is the way forward.’
South Africa says it will pull out its troops from the Central African Republic (CAR) after rebels there seized power more than a week ago.
President Jacob Zuma said a deal between the countries had become void with the ousting of Francois Bozize.
Mr Zuma was facing anger after 13 South African soldiers died in the rebellion.
He announced the withdrawal at an emergency regional summit on CAR, during which African heads of state refused to recognise the rebel leader.
Michel Djotodia declared on 25 March that he would rule by decree after his Seleka rebel group stormed CAR’s capital, Bangui, ending President Bozize’s decade-long rule.
The rebel leader said he would run the country until elections in 2016.
“It seems impossible to us to recognise a man who has appointed himself,” said Chadian President Idriss Deby following the emergency summit hosted in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena.
He said Mr Zuma had informed regional leaders he planned to withdraw withdraw his forces from CAR.


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