The Evolution of God

The Evolution of God
20K BCE – The Goddess Isis. The Woman was supreme Matriarch society. 
10K BCE – The God Anubis. Society was now patriachical. The Goddess became a God
500 BCE – The God Anubis became Zeus. The Greeks made African Gods their own.
500 CE – The Greek God became the biblical God and the Koranic Allah
2000 CE – The new God now is the Almighty DOLLAR.Image



ImageIF it is not a false flag
What is a false flag?
False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who actually planned and executed them. Operations carried during peace-time by civilian organisations, as well as covert government agencies, may by extension be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organisation behind an operation.
Where did they brothers get the training, weapons and explosives from?
Their entire family are calling them the typical boys next door that it is  a complete set up.

Who are the Chechens?

Chechens are an ethnic group hailing from the southern edge of the Russian border, known as the North Caucasus region, whose history has been marked by its violent struggles for independence.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Chechens launched two significant campaigns for independence, leading to the First Chechen War in 1994 (a year after the younger suspect was born) and the Second Chechen War in 1999, which has led to ongoing violence in the region.

Could this attack have something to do with those wars?

Maybe, according to Christopher Swift, a professor of National Security at Georgetown University, who said the second Chechen war has morphed into a “radical” and “virulent” war that has incorporated elements of the Muslim idea of jihad.

“That war initially began as a nationalist war, much like the first one, but very, very quickly metastasized into something that looks much more like the radical Salafi-Jihadi movements we’ve seen in other regions around the world,” Swift said.

“The movement that’s emerged from the 15 years of war is very radical, it’s very virulent, it’s very nasty, but up until now, it’s also been very, very local. Their ideology and rhetoric talks about fighting jihad against the West, but their operations have always been in Russia itself and predominately within the republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, and Ingushetia,” he said.

“So the bombing in Boston at the Boston Marathon, doesn’t really seem to comport with the operations we’ve seen from of this region in the past, but it does comport with the self-radicalizing ideology,” he said.

What connection do Chechens have to Islam?

The majority of Chechens are Muslims, and the Council on Foreign Relations say that there are several ties between Chechen militants and Al Qaeda, noting that the U.S. has publicly said that Osama bin Laden had “fueled the flames in Chechnya.”

The State Department has identified Al Qaeda financiers who also finance Chechen rebels, according to the CFR. The most prominent of these groups is the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade.

A terror group in Chechnya has also identified itself with Muslim extremists, calling itself the Special Purpose Islamic Regiment, recognized by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist group.

The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute has said that ideas of jihad and an Islamic state spread among Chechen people as they fanned out across the Middle East following the Second Chechen War.

Have Chechen groups launched terror attacks before?

The Chechens have claimed responsibility for a number of major terror attacks on Russia in the past 10 years, including a 2004 attack on a Russian school in which more than 350 people, many of them children, were killed.

In addition to bombing shopping plazas, apartment buildings, parades, and trains over the years, Chechens launched an attack on a theater in Moscow in 2002 in which they held more than 700 audience members hostage. Russian forces used gas to try and sedate the Chechens, but ended up killing many of the hostages and militants.

Many of the Chechen terrorists involved were women whose militant husbands had been killed by Russian forces, earning them the moniker Black Widows.

The Black Widows became known as a deadly part of the Chechen terror groups, willing to sacrifice themselves as suicide bombers for the Chechen cause.

In 2010, Chechen militants claimed responsibility for the bombing of two metro stations in Moscow, killing nearly 40 people.

What does Dagestan have to do with this?

Dagestan is also a region on the Russian border, part of North Caucasus, and shared a border with Chechnya. Though Dagestan did not fight against Russia for independence after the fall of the Soviet Union, it became known as a lawless and corrupt state. Eventually, Chechen militants began to gain a foothold in Dagestan.

Dagestan has replaced Chechnya as the most volatile region in Russia, with reports of bombings, shootings, and kidnappings occurring every few days.


19 APRIL 1993
U.S. Government agents attack the Branch Davidian Complex in Waco Texas
19 APRIL 1995
White Supremacist Timothy McVeigh blows up the Alfred P Murrah building with a truck filled with ammonium nitrate in retaliation of the U.S. Government attack on the Branch Davidians. 168 people killed and remains the worst domestic terrorist incident after 9/11
15 APRIL 2013
Bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon. Suspects unknown. Islamists, White Supremacists or False Flags?
18 APRIL 2013
Fertiliser plant near Waco Texas explodes the plant manufactures ammonium nitrate.Image


The Christians and the Muslims say so. Oklahoma City, 9/11, the economic crisis, Aurora, Sandy Hook, conspiracy theories, Bilderberg group, Iluminanti, rumours of war, Mali, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Maiduguri, Kano, Abuja, and Boston.

The universal idea of the world coming to an end is rooted in ancient Hindu belief in the cyclic alternation of universes brought about by Kali the Dark Mother the triple Goddess of Creation, Preservation, and destruction. She is commonly known squatting over her dead consort Shiva and devouring his entrails while her yoni (vagina) devours his lingam (penis). She is the hungry earth that devours and grows fat on corpses.

According to the Puranas ancient Sanskrit verses dealing with sacred histories and nature of the divine there are four ages. The last age is the age of Kali. When Kali arrives the Gods will slay one another and the Earth will be consumed by fire and flood. Kali will swallow everything and unmake it returning to her primordial state of formless chaos. Even Time is destroyed but Kali will eventually give birth to a new universe.

The Matsya Purana said signs of the approaching end time were to be found in breakdown in social structures, the increase in violence and crime and the decline of human intelligence.

The Vishnu Purana said the world in its last days reaches a stage where ‘property confers rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion the sole bond of husband and wife, falsehood the source of happiness in life, sex the only means of enjoyment and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion.”

What do you think? Are we in the End Time?Image



A christian pastor Prophet Chris Okafor General Overseer of the Liberation City Ministry and  goes everywhere with Police escort has blamed Nigerian socio-economic and political woes on FESTAC 77.
Okafor said the nation’s problem could actually be traced to 1977 “when the then Head of State, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, invited people to bring their idols from different parts of the world to Nigeria in the name of celebrating FESTAC 77.
The idols represented different things. What Ogun, the Yoruba god of iron and war, does is different from what Obatala or Egbesu does. If you are dedicated to Ogun, you are likely to be hot-tempered.“
He said our leaders must humble themselves and go to God for counselling. According to him, President Goodluck Jonathan should call ministers of God and seek their advice, noting: “Just as Obasanjo gathered different idols in 1977 in Nigeria and glorified them, Christians too, with the support of the President, must gather, raise a standard and cleanse the land of all ties and association with idols.”
Was it not at FESTAC 77 that Professor Chike Onwuanchi presented his paper ‘African Identity and Ideology’ as the panacea for Africa’s ills? Have we ever used this application?
The cause of Nigerian woes are the Christian and Muslim leaders that we have. They spend billions of Naira on subsidising the Hajj, Piligimage to Rome and Jerusalem. Building National churches and mosques. All those billions spent on imported religions is more than the minuscule spent on FESTAC 77.
O KA FOR The Spirit is broken should shut up and continue to live on tithes and offerings.Image



Many Africans injured in the immigration raids. When is the African Union going to start issuing African passports to avoid a nasty repeat of this drama.

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — The buses crammed full of young men leave each afternoon from this busy market in Nigeria’s largest city, some with bruises around their faces and cuts on their arms.

A series of raids by Nigerian authorities in recent days has brought fear to Katangua Market in Lagos, where immigrant labor makes the market thrum amid piles of secondhand clothes, shoes, purses and other accessories that are laid along narrow dirt alleyways. Immigrant workers, who come largely from neighboring Niger to the north, are finding themselves targeted by security agencies anxious about a growing Islamic extremist insurgency in northern Nigeria that could spread southward.

Nigeria’s porous borders and corrupt bureaucracy allow people to enter the country, giving extremists the chance to freely move and avoid capture. But those same borders give those living in poverty in neighboring countries a chance to earn money. Now even immigrants with proper travel documents worry they’ll be rounded up as well.

“If they come here and arrest me and I don’t have my papers, I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Abdu Tanimu, a leader of Nigeriens working in the market. “I don’t know what’s going on out there.”

Immigration raids have happened before and even have a place in the slang of oil-rich Nigeria, home to more than 160 million people. The colorful recycled plastic bags carried by travelers in the region are known as “Ghana-Must-Go,” a reference to when Nigeria kicked out Ghanaians and other immigrants in 1983 as oil prices collapsed and the country’s economy cratered.ImageImageImage


Here is a little SUNday school lesson.
The sun God Amen Ra was linked with the heavenly ram Aries who began the sacred year, dead and reborn as new. Ra was called the Ram, the virile male, the holy phallus and Ram of rams. The Ram caught in the thicket is a sexual metaphor and a common religious icon in Christianity and Islam. This was the ram substituted for Isaac whose father was about to sacrifice him on the altar of Yahweh. Some older version of the Abraham-Isaac story say Isaac was sacrificed at Yahweh command and Isaac rose on the third day. Rams are sacred in Israel obviously an Egyptian influence. The Jews sacrifice the paschal lamb as the first born son of the Ram God identified as Yahweh. At one time the biblical God wore Ram horns later assigned to the devil. Joshua’s priests used ram horns to make victory magic showing they were led by the divine ram in battle.
Pictured in the British Museum 
From Temple T at Kawa, Sudan
25th Dynasty, 690-664 BC
Taharqa was the last major king of the Nubian Twenty-fifth Dynasty (about 747-656 BC). On at least one occasion he fled from Egypt into Nubia to escape the approach of the Assyrian armies who, led by King Ashurbanipal (reigned 669-631 BC), sacked Thebes in 663 BC. This sphinx came from a temple at Kawa in Nubia which Taharqa had built.
The ram is one of the animals sacred to Amen Ra. This statue depicts Amen protecting King Taharqa, who stands between the front legs and below the animal’s head.Image