Did Jesus Christ really die on a cross?
The Latin cross was not shown in Christian art until six hundred years after the death of Christ. Long before the Christian Era it was a pagan symbol in Egypt. Where it was known as the ANKH the symbol of LIFE. It was the male phallic tree of Life and appeared in conjunction with the female genital circle to signify sexual harmony. A church father of the 3rd century Minucius Felix denied that Christians worshipped the cross. No one knows when the cross became associated with Jesus. Early images of Christ shows him not on a cross but in the guise of Osiris as a good shepherd carrying a lamb.
The Goddess Isis is shown with the cross in one hand, a lotus seed vessel in the other signifying male and female genitalia. It was Helena the mother of Constantine that invented the Christian cross after she discovered three crosses under the temple of Aphrodite the Canaanite version of Isis in Jerusalem. Christian scholars also claimed she found the Holy Nails and the INRI scroll. After it was lost for a thousand years. They were rediscovered in Rome in 1492 and Pope Alexander II published a bull infallibly attesting to its authenticity.Image

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