The Movement Against Second Slavery (MASS) call on African muslims to boycott Mecca and Medina.

See what they are doing to your peace loving brothers in Saudi Arabia and you still want to go to MECCA? There must be something wrong with your HEAD.
After vicious media campaign for more than 2 months in the intolerant Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia against Ethiopian immigrants, massive crackdown is currently underway targeting Ethiopians only with Saudi citizens asked to call 992 hotline to help police raid hideouts, flats or homes used or frequented by Ethiopians.
A group of journalists who raised the outcry in the capital Riyadh kick started the onslaught yesterday 12 March 2012 by publicly parading two Ethiopians they captured in their neighborhood before handing them over to the notorious Saudi religious police.
Some Ethiopians blamed the growing anti-Ethiopia sentiment in the repressive oil sheikdom on recent inflammatory statement made by Saudi Arabia’s deputy defense Minister Khalid Bin Sultan, accusing Ethiopia for the unending violence in Egypt and for the bone crashing economic hard ship in the Sudan.
Abdinur Shifa, 37, an Ethiopian health practitioner in Al – Qasim region of Buraydah suburb near the capital told the Horn Times by phone that a senior Saudi state security chief was picketing with police around Buraydah on Wednesday morning warning residents to handover Ethiopians or face prosecution.Image


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