Many Nigerians are suffering from Buharimania.

They have forgotten that under Buhari’s stewardship as Oil Minister in 1978. $2.8 billion dollars was stolen in his ministry.

He joined the Nigerian Army in 1962, Buhari first came to widespread public attention in 1976 when he became the Minister (or “Federal Commissioner”) for Petroleum and Natural Resources under then Head of State General Olusegun Obasanjo. Before then he served as Governor of the newly created North-Eastern State during the regime of General Murtala Mohammed. He later became head of the newly created Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in 1977.

He organised a coup in 1983 to overthrow the corrupt government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Many corrupt politicians were sent to jail. No assets were recovered and nobody was brought to trial because of vested interests. 

You want to talk about the Petroleum Trust Fund? Please do not even dare ask how much was stolen when he was the chairman.

He wants to be President of Nigeria in 2015 on an anti-corruption platform. When we know he has no credentials for fighting corruption. He cannot even manage his cattle ranch. But he wantsImage to manage the Federation for the second time. He has never one day explained what happened to our $2.8 billion dollars oil money.

One day go be one day sha.



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