Pope Francis begins his papacy.

The Roman Catholic Church like every other organisation has a lot of secret histories. One of which is the Legend of Pope Joan. The Catholic hierarchy and its scholars deny she ever existed.

Pope Joan was first mentioned by her contemporary chronicler Anastasius the Librarian. Scotus chronicle of the Popes listed her ‘Johannes VIII in AD 864 Lotharii 14, Joanna a woman succeeded Leo and reigned as Pope 2 years, five months and four days.’

Papal historian Platina wrote in ‘The Lives of the Popes’ that Joan was English. She knew more about the Scriptures than any other person. She became a monk disguising herself as a man and was eventually made Pope wearing male clothes.

Her deception came to light when she had labour pains and died in a street between the Lateran and St Clement Church. She was dragged naked along and stoned to death. She was buried in an unmarked grave. Papal processions avoid that street horrified at what happened there.Image


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