Ekene Dili Chukwu Motors, Young Shall Grow Motors luxurious buses hit by suspected Islamist suicide bombers.

When will the Northern Elders say enough is enough? You want the Nigerian Presidency and Sharia Law come and get it in Abuja.

Uche Martins a Southern Nigerian christian living in Kano: “Serious… D govnor of Kano state hav a questn 2 answer concerng ds bomb blast. Roughly 20hrs, after he made an ungodly attempt 2 demolish sabo gari mkt, ther goes a bomb…
God, wht hav we done…”

At least 20 people have been killed in a series of explosions at a bus station in the northern Nigerian city of Kano, witnesses say.

Several buses were destroyed in the Sabon Gari area of the city, home to a large population of Christians from the south of the country.

Kano is the largest city in the mainly Muslim north of Nigeria.

No group has said it carried out the blasts but Islamist militants from Boko Haram have attacked Kano several times.

One eye witness told the BBC’s Hausa service that he had seen 20 bodies after the blasts.

Earlier this month, another militant Islamist organisation, Ansaru, claimed to have killed seven foreign hostages seized in the northern state of Bauchi in February.ImageImage



  1. we the christians should focus our attentions on christ our redeemer since we do not have the same God and destiny with the muslems

  2. No respect is due for a certified bigot and regionally minded fellow who can’t source his facts. I wonder where you guys got your stories. I have these earnest respect for my southern brothers that’s fading by the hour due to this kind of blind accusations. I sincerely discent it. How could you let them make you believe and behave like these? You report got more flaws than the word ‘flaw’ itself. Need I say Nigeria?
    One you said islamist militants when no one claimed the attack, you said so yourself fake fool. And you still pinned that on us, Kano.
    Two you said the governor made an attempt to demolish sabon gari market. Your claim would be to destroy the southerners I guess when majority of of the business men there are northerners. When the only place the governor made an attempt to demolish was the Drug/Medical prescription vendors’ section of the Market a place that was wholeheartedly defended by the northerners when they are not the only tribe havin a shop there, they did that in the middle of the night turning there back on their own if that’s what you want to hear, fighting an executive governor all alone and you, a sole pathetic blogger cum journalist of the bottom of the pit is trying to paint us black for all the good thins our good and able brothers hav been doing down here to keep things in semblance. Your good southern brothers had to thank them for their act of valour and hav now joined the crusade. But All you patheic misinformed guys got for us is a name? Well I got this for you evil bloggers and your kind on behalf of them. We don’t know how you manage to read and write coz we can’t believe you’ve ever been to school not to talk of having a licence to dessiminate this trash. Have you or were you even in Kano to witness how the sagas unfold down here? Have you ever seen a bomb blast and its victims? For you to mention who exatly the victims are. For your misinformed self-interested being, almost 80% of the total victims of all the boko haram’s bomb attacks in Kano state as you called them are Northerners, . Check your sources bro, they are feeding you guys trash as a result making a trash out of you. We aren’t being fed or made to belief, we would be there and we’d see and we judge by what we see something your coward ass can never do.
    As I said, no respect is due…!

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