President Goodluck Jonathan repays his political debt and the Council of State agreed!

“It is like a parent, it is not every decision a parent takes that is palatable or acceptable to the children. But in due course, we always find out the parents were right,” Doyin Okupe one of Jonathan’s aides told private broadcaster Channels Television. “The man has been displaced from his office as governor, he was hounded and tried and jailed. … What is eminently wrong, you know, in giving a remorseful sinner pardon?”

ImageThere must be something in the Presidential Villa Aso Rock Abuja that get people star-struck.

Why didn’t the ex heads of states, sitting Governors, Chief Justice and others who were on the Council of State meeting oppose the proposition that the Great Thief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha be pardoned. Nobody opposed the President who is from the same region as the Great Thief. Was it all a political arrangement? Because all those pardoned were from all corners of Nigeria and all those that sat on the Council of State were from all corners of Nigeria.

The President has finally paid his debt by pardoning the Great Thief and with 2015 around the corner no stone is being left unturned by getting the President re-elected. A debt must be repaid. In the South West General Diya one of those pardoned will want to repay his debt by blowing Jonathan’s trumpet and canvassing support. Likewise in the North you got the powerful Yaraduas to blow Jonathan’s kakaki.

Do not believe the hype oh! Nigeria is united and our culture of venerating the Elders is holding us back. Cant you see in the picture that the Great Thief is protected by mobile policemen from the North? Southern policemen are sent to the north while those in the north are deployed to the South. Federal Government policy to further cement the amalgamation.



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