The Damaturu and Maiduguri cells of the Movement Against Second Slavery fully supports the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Jonathan position on the Boko Haram insurgency.

1. There will be no negotiation with masked men. Let the Boko Haram leaders and sponsors namely one General Muhammadu Buhari declare what their political objective is, let there be a face to the Boko Haram insurgency. Enough of hiding in the shadows like common criminals. Are you criminals or politicians? 

2. We support the Commander-In Chief’s decision not to remove JTF troops from the battlespace until Boko Haram unconditionally surrenders.

3. We hold Northern Elders responsible for any continued violence in the North of Nigeria. In the African tradition elders have the authority to call the youth to order. Therefore Northern elders need to call the Boko Haram operatives to order because they live in our communities and and they are known to the elders.

4. Movement Against Second Slavery believes in ONE NIGERIA and will never support the breakup of the Federation.

Thank You.

Movement Against Second SlaveryImage



  1. ‘Doctrinal and ideological’! Penny for the professor’s thoughts who presented an emotionally laden speech at the town hall meeting in Maiduguri during the President’s two days visit to the region. Could he be telling us their doctrine & ideology justify the killing of non-Muslims in their places of worship in a constitutionally secular nation-state like Nigeria all in a futile bid to actualize a sovereign Islamic state? Is amnesty for a band of armed terrorist gang the ticket under the existing circumstances? While fighting in the creeks of Niger Delta then were Muslims ever attacked and killed? Were mosques ever torched or destroyed? Did the militants ever ask non-southerners to leave or show visible intent and desire to impose canon laws on Nigeria? I can only lend my voice to other voices of reason by calling for the immediate release and compensation if needs be for the victims of the JTF over-zealousness and excesses in the region. As for the real terrorists themselves they have long forfeited their rights to live!

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