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Osiris has risen 
He rose before Jesus Christ
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”Hymn of Praise to Osiris Un-Nefer, the great god who dwelleth in Abtu, the king of eternity, the lord of everlastingness, who traverseth millions of years in his existence. Thou art the eldest son of the womb of Nut. Thou was begotten by Keb, the Erpat. Thou art the lord of the Urrt Crown. Thou art he whose White Crown is lofty. Thou art the King (Ati) of gods [and] men. Thou hast gained possession of the sceptre of rule, and the whip, and the rank and dignity of thy divine fathers. Thy heart is expanded with joy, O thou who art in the kingdom of the dead. Thy son Horus is firmly placed on thy throne. Thou hast ascended thy throne as the Lord of Tetu, and as the Heq who dwelleth in Abydos. Thou makest the Two Lands to flourish through Truth-speaking, in the presence of him who is the Lord to the Uttermost Limit. Thou drawest on that which hath not yet come into being in thy name of “Ta-her-sta-nef.” Thou governest the Two Lands by Maat in thy name of “Seker.” Thy power is wide-spread, thou art he of whom the fear is great in thy name of “Usar” (or “Asar”). Thy existence endureth for an infinite number of double henti periods in thy name of “Un-Nefer.” The Egyptian Book of Coming Forth By Day.Image


Did Jesus Christ really die on a cross?
The Latin cross was not shown in Christian art until six hundred years after the death of Christ. Long before the Christian Era it was a pagan symbol in Egypt. Where it was known as the ANKH the symbol of LIFE. It was the male phallic tree of Life and appeared in conjunction with the female genital circle to signify sexual harmony. A church father of the 3rd century Minucius Felix denied that Christians worshipped the cross. No one knows when the cross became associated with Jesus. Early images of Christ shows him not on a cross but in the guise of Osiris as a good shepherd carrying a lamb.
The Goddess Isis is shown with the cross in one hand, a lotus seed vessel in the other signifying male and female genitalia. It was Helena the mother of Constantine that invented the Christian cross after she discovered three crosses under the temple of Aphrodite the Canaanite version of Isis in Jerusalem. Christian scholars also claimed she found the Holy Nails and the INRI scroll. After it was lost for a thousand years. They were rediscovered in Rome in 1492 and Pope Alexander II published a bull infallibly attesting to its authenticity.Image

The Last Supper

The original LAST SUPPER
Long time ago…..Long Long time ago…….
Osiris was born Isis, his sister. Afterwards was born Thoth, the Wise One. Then there was born Nephthys. And, last, there was born Sêth. And Sêth tore a hole in his mother’s side–Sêth the Violent One. Now Osiris and Isis loved each other as husband and wife, and together they reigned over the land. Thoth was with them, and he taught men the arts of writing and of reckoning. Nephthys went with Sêth and was his wife, and Sêth’s abode was in the desert.
Sêth, in his desert, was angered against Osiris, for everywhere green things that Sêth hated were growing over the land–vine, and grain, and the flowers. Many times Sêth tried to destroy his brother Osiris, but always his plots were baffled by the watchful care of Isis. One day he took the measurement of Osiris’s body–he took the measurement from his shadow–and he made a chest that was the exact size of Osiris.
Soon, at the time before the season of drought, Sêth gave a banquet, and to that banquet he invited all the children of Earth and the Sky. To that banquet came Thoth, the Wise One, and Nephthys, the wife of Sêth, and Sêth himself, and Isis, and Osiris. And where they sat at banquet they could see the chest that Sêth had made–the chest made of fragrant and diversified woods. All admired that chest. Then Sêth, as though he would have them enter into a game, told all of them that he would give the chest to the one whose body fitted most closely in it. The children of Sêb and Nut went and laid themselves in the chest that Sêth had made: Sêth went and laid himself in it, Nephthys went and laid herself in it, Thoth went and laid himself in it, Isis went and laid herself in it. All were short; none, laid in the chest, but left a space above his or her head.
Then Osiris took the crown off his head and laid himself in the chest. His form filled it in its length and its breadth. Isis and Nephthys and Thoth stood above where he lay, looking down upon Osiris, so resplendent of face, so perfect of limb, and congratulating him upon coming into possession of die splendid chest that Sêth had made. Sêth was not beside the chest then. He shouted, and his attendants to the number of seventy-two came into the banquetting hall. They placed the heavy cover upon the chest; they hammered nails into it; they soldered it all over with melted lead. Nor could Isis, nor Thoth, nor Nephthys break through the circle that Sêth’s attendants made around the chest. And they, having nailed the cover down, and having soldered it, took up the sealed chest, and, with Sêth going before them, they ran with it out of the hall.
Isis and Nephthys and Thoth ran after those who bore the chest. But the night was dark, and these three children of Sêb and Nut were separated, one from the other, and from Sêth and his crew. And these came to where the river was, and they flung the sealed chest into the River Nile.
From the Egyptian Book of the Dead circa 2500 BCE.Image


Social media and corporations goes red for gay rights. U.S. Supreme Court might give the nod for gay marriage.
What does the Afrobeat King think? He spoke with Windy City Times CHIcago.
WCT: Speaking of oppression, how are gay people treated in Nigeria that you have noticed recently?
Femi Kuti: There are gay people here but it is not an open fact. I think there is a law against it but there are many gay people here. Nobody really talks about it.
WCT: So is gay society very underground?
Femi Kuti: I wouldn’t say underground, but gay people don’t flaunt it here. Everybody may know when there is a gay or lesbian person around, but it is not their business. The problem was that they wanted an open marriage but it is very conservative and religious here. Religious people are very adamant against it. Many of us have gay friends and people like me don’t care. There are many fanatics that do and consider it taboo. They have the power sometimes.Image


The U.S. and some of its allies are considering plans to increase anti-piracy operations along Africa’s west coast, spurred on by concerns that money from the attacks is funding a Nigerian-based insurgent group that is linked to one of al-Qaida’s most dangerous affiliates.

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has escalated over the past year, and senior U.S. defense and counter-piracy officials say allied leaders are weighing whether beefed up enforcement efforts that worked against pirates off the Somalia coast might also be needed in the waters off Nigeria.

There has been growing coordination between Nigeria-based Boko Haram and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which was linked to the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, last September that killed four Americans, including the ambassador. Military leaders say AQIM has become the wealthiest al-Qaida offshoot and an increasing terrorist threat to the region.

It has long been difficult to track whether there are terrorist ties to piracy in the waters off Africa. But officials are worried that even if Boko Haram insurgents aren’t directly involved in the attacks off Nigeria and Cameroon, they may be reaping some of the profits and using the money for ongoing terrorist training or weapons.

No final decisions have been made on how counter-piracy operations could be increased in that region, and budget restrictions could hamper that effort, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about emerging discussions between senior U.S. military commanders and other international leaders.

But officials say the solution could include continued work and counter-piracy training with African nations. The U.S. participated last month in a maritime exercise with European and African partners in the Gulf of Guinea.Image

A crew of U.S. sailors and Nigerian special forces fighters prepares to board the NNS Burutu for a training exercise off the Nigerian coast. The U.S. Navy offered training to the Nigerian navy as worries mount of increasingly violent pirate attacks along the West African coast. The U.S. and some of its allies are considering plans to increase anti-piracy operations along Africa’s west coast, spurred on by concerns that money from the attacks is funding a Nigerian-based insurgent group that is linked to one of al-Qaida’s most dangerous affiliates. 

The Ikoyi Prison Narratives a review

The Ikoyi Prison Narratives: The Spiritualism and Political Philosophy of Fela Kuti by Majemite Jaboro

With the plethora of books available about Fela’s life you would think that just about every aspect of his eventful life has been covered. But there is one central aspect of his life that, until now, was only alluded to in thnarratives1e biographical works. It was shown in the documentary “Music is The Weapon” that Fela performed religious rituals in The Shrine and that he surrounded himself with African mediums that contacted the Spirit World. From the name of his backing band we know he had a preoccupation with ancient Egypt. If you weren’t a resident of the Kalakuta Republic it would be difficult to know how all these elements tied in with each other. 
Majemite Jaboro spent several days in a Nigerian prison cell with Fela Kuti and several of his band members. To pass time Fela recounted his life story, this narrative is the basis for this book. The book starts with a short bio of Fela up until the point that Jaboro became his Personal Assistant and later Shrine Priest. He goes into great detail describing Fela’s religious and political worldview and everyday life in the Kalakuta Republic. He sums up the esoteric books Fela was reading. He concludes with describing Fela’s final days suffering from Aids, and his funeral. 
If you’re new to Fela this is definitely not the book to start with. Fela’s autobiography and several of the other books on this page give a much more balanced view of Fela’s life. The two drawbacks of the book are that, first of all, it could have done with some editing. And secondly, you have to be a bit of a Felaologist to be able to follow the narrative and know the names of Fela’s numerous (ex-)wives, children and band members.